Cleveland-based plastic surgeon, Bahman Guyuron specializes in improving his patient’s facial appearance and correcting functional problems through aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Along with performing traditional facial rejuvenation surgery, his office offers many options to suit the individual needs of each patient.

In part 1 of this series, we covered facial procedures for the top of the face including the forehead, brows, and eyes.  In part 2, we are covering the lower half of the face including the nose, mouth, chin, and neck.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure of the nose which reshapes and corrects cosmetic imperfections and some functional problems (when combined with septoplasty).  Physical deformities, due to genetics or an injury, can affect normal breathing function. Candidates for rhinoplasty may have the following problems:

  • Crooked or off-center nose
  • Wide or short nose, disproportionate to the face
  • Upturned tip
  • Large nostrils
  • Deviated septum and difficulty breathing
  • Other flaws


How often do you notice someone’s smile? It’s one of the first things we see when we meet a person for the first time. The lips, specifically the upper lip, gives the mouth a pleasant expression.  The area between the upper lip and nose can lengthen and begin to look too long in proportion to the rest of the face and may begin to hide part of the upper teeth.  The upper lip may also become too thin. An upper lip lift can improve the following:

  • Shorten the area between upper lip and nose
  • Improve the smile
  • Plump lips by injecting fat


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that surgery to enhance or reduce the chin is the fastest growing plastic surgery trend. Many people are desiring a stronger profile or are looking to reduce a too prominent chin.  A chin surgery can have a dramatic effect on the overall proportion and appearance of the face. Dr. Guyuron has the additional training and experienced required to perform a successful chin lift and has written a text book about this surgery


The neck is often a neglected part of the lower face, but over time it too can show signs of aging. Because the effects of gravity and time, the neck skin can begin to sag and genetically destined fat depostis can develop a “double chin.” Neck surgery or neck contouring can remove sagging skin and tighten and tone the neck for a more youthful appearance.  This procedure can be performed as part of a facelift as well as separately.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron has 37 years of training and experience in the field of facial plastic surgery for men and women with aesthetic and reconstructive needs.  For an appointment with the doctor, please call Zeeba Clinic in Lyndhurst, Ohio at 440-461-7999.