What is a breast reconstruction procedure?

Dr. Ali Totonchi understands the physical and emotional stress patients experience when faced with breast loss due to mastectomy. Dr. Totonchi offers breast reconstruction in our certified plastic surgery facilities, which involves a series of procedures that will restore the breast to a more natural appearance after the patient has undergone a mastectomy. Following breast reconstruction, a patient will have a reconstructed breast mound with the use of breast implants or relocated flaps. A patient undergoing a breast reconstruction also has the option to have the areola and nipples rebuilt to make the breast appear more natural.

Breast reconstruction performed in our Cleveland, OH certified facilities helps restore the breast and achieve a more natural breast profile; however, this procedure cannot restore the function and sensation that natural breasts have.  The incision lines that are made from the breast reconstruction procedure and the previous mastectomy will still be visible even after breast reconstruction.  For patients who opt to use their own tissue for the flap reconstruction, it is to be expected that the incisions made during harvesting of the tissue will also leave permanent marks.

What are the different breast reconstruction techniques?

In our certified facilities, we use traditional and innovative techniques in our procedures in an effort to provide the best patient care to our patients.  For breast reconstruction, the most common technique that Dr. Ali Totonchi uses is tissue expander based breast reconstruction and reconstruction with flaps.

The most common method of breast reconstruction is the use of tissue expander breast implants.  This involves the insertion of a tissue expander under a pocket that was created under the muscles of the patient’s chest wall.  After surgery, we usually wait for 3 weeks for the tissues to heal. Then, a saline solution will be used to expand the tissue expander by injecting it through the overlying tissue.

Breast reconstruction with flaps is also a very common technique used for patients in Cleveland, OH.  Using this technique, Dr. Ali Totonchi harvests tissue from the patient’s back or abdomen to be used for breast reconstruction.  The technique of choice, which serves the patient the best, will be determined during office visits after reviewing the benefits and drawbacks of each surgery.

What can patients expect after breast reconstruction?

The recovery for patients who have undergone breast reconstruction varies based on individual patient health, lifestyle, and the type of surgery performed. Generally, healing continues weeks after the procedure is completed.  Patients are advised by Dr. Ali Totonchi to take it slow and not to strain themselves after their breast reconstruction procedure.  Patients will be provided instructions on proper post-operative care and will be advised to wear support brassieres during the healing period.  A breast reconstruction procedure for patients in Cleveland, OH will help to restore the self-confidence and positive self-image of our patients who have undergone mastectomy.

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