A well-defined and symmetric chin plays an important role in a balanced and attractive face. If a person’s chin is too small or too prominent in relation to the rest of their features (especially the nose), it can be quite noticeable that something is “off.” Chin surgery to enhance or reduce the chin is becoming more popular amongst those who desire a strong profile. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported last year that chin augmentation is the fastest growing plastic surgery trend across all demographics. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Guyuron, chin surgery can have a significantly positive impact on the facial appearance. In fact, Dr. Guyuron has published the only book ever written about chin surgery and frequently shares his techniques with other plastic surgeons internationally through lectures during symposia, courses and articles in the peer reviewed journals.

Chin Surgery Consultation

The first step toward a more balanced chin is the surgical consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Guyuron will sit down with the chin surgery candidate and inquire about his or her expectations and ideal outcome.

Chin augmentation patients will typically request a stronger chin; chin reduction patients usually complain that their chin is too prominent or juts out unattractively from the face. Because of the extra training beyond plastic surgery residency, which is called craniofacial fellowship, Dr. Guyuron has more knowledge of the facial bones.

It’s important that the candidate have reasonable expectations of surgery, and understand the surgical risks. Dr. Guyuron will analyze the entire face in order to decide what needs to be done to the chin. In some cases, rhinoplasty surgery can also effectively balance the facial features. Dr. Guyuron will also ask about the candidate’s medical history and previous surgeries to ensure he or she is healthy enough to undergo surgery. A treatment plan outlining his surgical approach will be drawn up. He may offer an augmentation or an osteotomy, which means moving the chin bone forward, depending on the condition of the chin and what will serve the patients the most.

Chin Augmentation Cost

A common question we receive is how much does chin augmentation cost.  Since every individual is treated unique according to their health, we recommend receiving a consultation with Dr. Guyuron. Click here to schedule your consultation.  For those that qualify, Zeeba Clinic now proudly accepts CareCredit payments!


How to Make Your Chin Ideal

Chin Surgery

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation, otherwise known as mentoplasty, is performed to enhance a “weak” or receding chin. This improves the profile and the balance of the facial features. Chin augmentation can involve the placement of an implant, or modifying the jawbone and moving it forward to build up the chin. Facial implants are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be customized to the individual patient’s face. Implants feel similar to natural tissue. In general, moving the chin bone is more versatile and allows for repositioning the chin in any direction. It additionally improves the contour of the area below the chin and the angle between the chin and the neck.

During chin augmentation, Dr. Guyuron will make an incision in front of the natural crease underneath the chin, or inside the mouth where the gums and lower lip meets. He will create a small pocket within the tissue and place the implant in the pocket, or make a horizontal cut in the bone and move it in the desired direction and fix it in position using permanent small plate and screws.

In most incidences, Dr. Guyuron finds more versatility with adjusting the chin bone through an incision inside the mouth which is called an osteotomy. This technique will allow him to move the chin in any direction and it will also improve the neck.

Chin Reduction

Chin reduction corrects a prominent chin, or a chin that juts out. It refines the chin to bring it into better harmony with the rest of the facial features. Dr. Guyuron will make an incision either inside the mouth or underneath the chin. Through the incision, he will sculpt the bone to bring the chin into better proportion with the rest of the face.

Recovering from Chin Surgery

A common question is how long is recovery after chin augmentation? Patients recovering from chin surgery will likely have some bruising, swelling and tenderness. They should follow a liquid or soft food diet on the day of surgery (as chewing function will be limited) and refrain from any strenuous activity until Dr. Guyuron determines it is safe. Pain medications are available to ease any discomfort. Dr. Guyuron will provide more detailed instructions for recovery during the initial consultation and follow-up appointments.