Post Bariatric Surgery ClevelandWhat is post-bariatric surgery?

Overweight patients who have undergone weight loss surgery can benefit from a post-bariatric surgery performed by Dr. Ali Totonchi.  It is normal for patients to have excess and sagging skin after undergoing weight loss surgery.  Although these patients are able to reach their ideal weight, they are left to deal with loose skin all over their body, which keeps them from looking their best even after they have achieved their weight loss goals.  This concern can easily be addressed with post-bariatric surgery done in our certified facilities in Cleveland, OH.

Post-bariatric surgery is a series of body contouring cosmetic procedures aimed at reshaping the body through the removal of the excess skin and fat left after significant weight loss.  Post-bariatric surgery focuses on sagging skin in the face and neck, upper arms, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs.  If these areas are left untreated, it can result in an irregular appearance. As such, in these cases, we recommend post-bariatric surgery.

What are the different post-bariatric surgery procedures?

Post-bariatric surgery for our patients is performed in stages.  Although each treatment is effective on its own, we highly recommend to all of our patients that the body contouring techniques be applied to different parts of the body to achieve a more uniform, toned effect following bariatric surgery.  Below are some of the body contouring procedures included in our post-bariatric surgery:

  • Face and Neck Lift – patients who have dramatically lost weight can have droopy skin in the cheeks, an undefined jawline, and sagging skin in the neck.  As part of the post-bariatric surgery, a face and neck lift for patients can help remove any excess skin and residual fat in the area to achieve tighter skin and a younger appearance.
  • Brachioplasty/arm lift – is an essential part of post-bariatric surgery for patients to help achieve a more toned arm contour after they have drastically lost weight. Weight loss can result in flabby, loose skin under the arms. The removal of the excess skin and fat deposits in this area can help make the arms more attractive and toned.
  • Mastopexy/breast lift –patients who have lost weight can also benefit from a breast lift as part of their post-bariatric surgery. It will remove excess skin and provide patients with a more youthful breast profile. Some patients will benefit from the placement of an implant at the same time as well.
  • Lower body lift – a lower body lift as part of a post-bariatric surgery focuses on parts of the abdomen (pannuculectomy/abdominoplasty), thighs (thigh lift), buttocks, waist, and hip (circumferential body lift). The post-bariatric surgery lifts and removes excess skin in the lower body.

Now that you have achieved your ideal weight, let our team in Cleveland, OH help you achieve the body that you have dreamed of after your weight loss surgery.

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