Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is performed to increase breast fullness, increase breast projection, and improve breast symmetry. Dr. Ali Totonchi takes pride in helping his patients exude self-confidence and look their best. The procedure involves the insertion of a silicone or saline implant inside the patient’s breast, resulting in a fuller appearance and a younger breast profile.

Patients who have lost breast volume due to drastic weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can restore the fullness of their breasts and even achieve larger breast size with breast augmentation. Patients with naturally small breasts can also benefit to achieve their ideal breast size. Performing the Rice Test can help you determine what size you may want your breasts to be.

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

Patients who are looking to lift and enhance breast size should consider breast augmentation in combination with a mastopexy (breast lift), to ensure optimal results. An exam will be done to determine if a breast lift is needed in conjunction with your augmentation. Implants alone can correct mild ptosis, or dropping, but the nipple must be in a good position. A breast lift is generally needed if the drooping is severe and the nipple is pointing downward or in a poor position. Nipple sensation can be altered due to breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries. All breast surgeries disrupt the nerves and blood vessels that surround the nipples. Generally speaking, the effects are temporary, and only last a few months while the nerves and blood vessels heal and restore. If you have plans to breastfeed in the future, please inform Dr. Totonchi so he chooses the best approach to maximize the potential to be able to breastfeed after surgery.

Saline vs. Silicone Implants

Dr. Ali Totonchi counsels his patients in making the important decision regarding which type of breast implant to select for the breast augmentation procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Totonchi discusses and reviews the risks and benefits of available options so that the patient may make a well-informed and educated decision prior to selecting their breast augmentation procedure.

Patients are given a choice between saline breast implants and silicone-filled breast implants for their breast augmentation. Saline breast implants can be filled with sterile saltwater to a range during the breast augmentation procedure to allow your surgeon to make small changes as he sees fit for symmetry. Silicone-filled breast implants are filled with an elastic silicone gel that is soft and mimics the same texture of a patient’s breast. These are pre-filled, and patients who opt for this type of implant will have a slightly longer incision under the breast for the implant insertion.

Breast implants, both saline, and silicone generally need to be replaced or revised in 10-20 years. Some need revisions sooner, and others may never need a revision.

What is the procedure like?

Real Totonchi Patient Before & After Breast Augmentation in Cleveland

Breast augmentation procedures are done on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. An incision is usually made under the breast to create a pocket. The patient’s preferred implants are then inserted into the pocket and positioned by Dr. Ali Totonchi to achieve ideal symmetry between the two breasts.

Breast Implant Placement Options

The placement of the implant over or under the muscle will be decided on your consultation day. The pectoralis major is the large chest muscle which implants are often placed under to soften the look of the upper edge of the implant. The downside to the submuscular, or “under the muscle” approach is that the implant moves or animates with the contraction of the muscle.

The subglandular, or “over the muscle” approach avoids movement or animation of the implant with muscle contraction and enhances the shape of the natural breast when choosing a silicone implant. Generally, there is less pain involved post-operatively with the subglandular or “over the muscle” approach. The results of the breast augmentation can be appreciated almost immediately after the procedure. The results of the breast augmentation can be appreciated almost immediately after the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Real Totonchi Patient Before & After Breast Augmentation 

You will be given a prescription for pain medication. Pain is variable from patient to patient. The maximum pain will be in the first 48-72 hours. Most people tolerate breast augmentation surgery well and feel good 4-5 days post-op, and return to work after the first week. Wearing a good support bra/sports bra post-op is important. You may return to your regular exercise routine 6-8 weeks after surgery. Instructions about post-operative care are provided to each patient and can also be printed from Dr. Totonchi’s website.

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