What is a thigh lift?

If you are a patient in Cleveland, OH wishing to get a firmer and more youthful leg contour, Dr. Ali Totonchi can perform a thigh lift to help you achieve your goal.  Some patients find it very hard to get leaner and slimmer thighs even after they tirelessly work out in the gym.  Our skin loses its elasticity, and although exercise can help tighten the underlying muscles; it does not provide a solution for the sagging and loose skin in the thighs.

A thigh lift can help improve the thigh contour of patients by removing the excess skin, instantly making them slimmer, smoother, and giving patients a younger thigh profile. If there is an excess of fat in the thigh area, liposuction can be done in combination with the thigh lift for maximum results.

Should you get a thigh lift?

Patients who will benefit the most from a thigh lift are those with excess skin and skin folds in the inner, medial, or outer thigh. Patients can also get the thigh and leg contour that they have always dreamed of through a thigh lift if they have an uneven thigh contour and if they have pockets of fat in their thighs.  Significant weight loss can also result in loose and sagging skin in the thigh and a thigh lift can help these patients achieve a slimmer thigh contour.

What is a thigh lift like?

All of Dr. Ali Totonchi’s cosmetic surgery patients are provided all the information that they need during their consultation and he sets expectations so that patients can make an informed decision whether the result of a thigh lift is what they are looking to achieve. Thigh lifts done in our certified facilities are performed under general anesthesia.

The incision site depends on which area of the thigh is being treated.  After making the incision, the excess skin will be removed and repair will be done on the underlying tissues to provide additional support.  The incisions will be closed with sutures and patients will be advised to wear compression garments or pressure wrappings during the healing period.  Once the bruising and the swelling goes down, our patients can immediately appreciate the improvement of their shape and can start enjoying their new svelte, slimmer thigh contour.

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