Neck Lift in Cleveland

The neck is just as susceptible to aging as the face, but usually receives less attention. Over time, necks lose definition and healthy looking contours and start to sag and droop. Some people can develop what looks like a double chin, and others may notice saggy, loose skin (sometimes called a “turkey wattle”). Neck lift surgery removes sagging skin and tightens and tones the neck and removes the extra fat pieces under the chin for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Bahman Guyuron is a respected plastic surgeon who offers neck lifts in Cleveland for local, regional and distant patients.

Dr. Guyuron frequently shares his techniques with other plastic surgeons internationally through lectures during symposia and courses.


Dr. Guyuron meets with all potential neck lift candidates to discuss the procedure and evaluate their necks to access the amount of excess fat and skin. Neck lift candidates have one or more of the following:

  • Double chin
  • Loose, sagging skin, sometimes referred to as “turkey wattle”
  • Extra fat deposit under the chin
  • Protruding glands

Dr. Guyuron will inquire about the neck lift candidate’s desired outcome and expectations of surgery to determine if the procedure is the best option for them. He will explain how to prepare for surgery, what to expect on the day of surgery and how to speed up healing and recovery. He will also go over the risks associated with the surgery to ensure that the candidates are well-informed.

Dr. Guyuron instructs his patients to refrain from consumption of aspirin, NSAIDs and herbal products for three weeks before and a week after the surgery. Out-of-town patients are encouraged to schedule a phone, FaceTime or Skype consultation with Dr. Guyuron.

How to Make Your Neck Ideal


Neck lift is an outpatient procedure, usually performed with general anesthesia or combination of medications to keep the patient comfortable. Dr. Guyuron will vary his surgical approach and incisions based on what is best for the patient’s particular case.

In most cases, he places the incisions in front and around the ear; if there is a significant amount of loose skin under the chin and the neck, he makes an additional incision beneath the chin. Through the incisions, he removes excess fat, tightens the muscles and connective tissue and re-drapes the skin more tightly over the neck, removing any excess skin. On patients with neck fullness only, he limits the incision to the one under the chin. The result is a smoother and more youthful-looking neck.

Neck lift can be combined with facial plastic surgery procedures, such as facelift, forehead lift or eyelid surgery, for a more comprehensive transformation.


The drain tube, which is inserted to minimize collection of blood and fluid, is removed in two to three days. Neck lift patients will have some swelling and bruising after surgery, but this should resolve within a week to 10 days. Dr. Guyuron instructs his patients to refrain from any strenuous movements for three weeks, and to relax as much as possible. He will advise when it is safe to return to work, exercise and other normal activities. Neck lift recovery varies from patient to patient.