What is a reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction procedure?

Dr. Ali Totonchi offers surgery for patients considering reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction to make their breasts smaller.  A reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction involves the removal of the excess fatty tissue in the breast, in addition to excess glandular tissue, and skin.  This surgical procedure helps patients achieve a breast size that is more proportional to their body frame and alleviates any discomfort resulting from the weight of larger breasts.

Reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction is a very safe procedure and can be performed on patients. Dr. Ali Totonchi prefers to wait until the patient’s breasts have fully developed before performing the breast reduction to avoid the need for a repeat surgery.

Who would benefit from reduction mammaplasty/breast reduction procedure?

Breast reduction is generally recommended for patients who have breasts that are too large in proportion to their body frame. This is also a desirable option to consider for patients with breasts that have become too heavy, causing problems with posture or chronic back, shoulder, or neck pain. Patients with asymmetric, large breasts, in Cleveland, Westlake or Lyndhurst also serve to benefit from breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Ali Totonchi.

Some signs that breasts are too large in proportion to a patient’s frame are when indentations develop in the shoulders due to tight brassieres, skin irritations underneath either or both breasts, and breasts, which make physical activities, such as sports difficult.  Patients in Cleveland, OH who come in for reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction are often self-conscious of their condition and breast reduction improves appearance in addition to providing relief from the discomfort and pain associated with large breast size.

What is a reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction like?

Dr. Ali Totonchi is committed to educating his patients who are considering a reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction by providing the patients with all of the information they will need regarding the procedure, including an overview of the procedure as well as the risks and benefits of the surgery.  In some cases, the initial screening is performed by our experienced nurse practitioner.

A breast reduction procedure in Cleveland, OH is typically performed under general anesthesia. Incisions will be made on the breasts and excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue is removed. Sometimes liposuction might be utilized for fine-tuning; once the desired size has been achieved, the nipple and the areola are repositioned and incisions are closed with sutures.

The entire reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction procedure performed in our cosmetic surgery center will take approximately 3-5 hours. After the swelling has subsided, patients will appreciate the results of the reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction and literally feel like a weight has been lifted.

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