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Lorry Hill

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Hear first-hand how Dr. Guyuron’s revision rhinoplasty gave Lorry her dream nose

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The Pioneer of Migraine Surgery

Permanent relief is possible for those who suffer from migraine headaches. Learn more about nerve decompression surgery from the physician who discovered the outpatient surgery that’s changed the lives of thousands.

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Exploring the world of facial plastic surgery and migraine surgery.

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This man saved my life…I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from migraines because you know how it affects your life…He truly turned my life around.

Carol Foster, Posted to Facebook

My wife suffered from chronic migraines for years…We tried everything from medications to acupuncture, dry needling, and physical therapy and nothing was working…We got in touch with Zeeba Clinic and the rest is history…A life-changing surgery for us both. If anyone currently suffering from migraines and has tried everything under the sun, please call Zeeba.

John Gies, Posted to Facebook