Time spent on shaving can be an everyday chore for some men and women. Zeeba Clinic offers a laser hair reduction procedure that can gently remove unwanted hair and reduce hair regrowth, thereby reducing the amount of time spent shaving. This procedure is quick, safe, and highly effective. Dr. Bahman Guyuron is proud to offer laser hair reduction at the Zeeba Clinic.

What is laser hair reduction?

Laser hair reduction is a convenient and time-saving procedure that is performed by a trained professional. This procedure removes unwanted hair on the legs, arms, underarms, and face. And for men, the laser can be used on the back and chest.

The procedure uses a specially designed broad-band light laser (BBL), which penetrates to the root of the hair without damaging the follicle or the surrounding skin tissue. It is completely safe, and with continued use, it is possible to reduce hair regrowth by 80%!

Laser hair reduction cannot be performed on every skin type, but there are other options available.

What to Expect

The laser hair treatment is safe and quick. You may experience a small sting as the laser heats up the hair, but it will not damage your skin. There may be some redness, but this is normal and temporary, usually lasting 24 hours. Small areas, like around the lip, only take a few minutes to treat, but larger areas, such as the back or chest, could take up to an hour. It is advised to refrain from shaving, plucking, or waxing before the laser hair reduction procedure.