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Dr. Guyuron is an internationally renowned Cleveland rhinoplasty plastic surgeon with more than 40 years of experience producing natural-looking results. Quite literally, he wrote the text book on rhinoplasty. Many rhinoplasty surgeons admire Dr. Guyuron for his contributions to the plastic surgery community. Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as nose reshaping surgery, corrects cosmetic imperfections or physical deformities that affect normal breathing function.

For the best results, the plastic surgeon performing the procedure must be highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. Dr. Guyuron is so highly respected in this industry that he also teaches fellow nose surgeons about the intricacies and techniques of rhinoplasty across the globe through articles, presentations, book chapters and his text book on rhinoplasty.

If you are looking for rhinoplasty in Cleveland, Ohio, and across the globe, Dr. Guyuron will be able to have virtual or physical consultations with you.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Many professionals consider Dr. Guyuron to be the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world. Dr. Guyuron was featured in Newsweek in 2021 and 2022 as the #2 best rhinoplasty surgeon in America. The rhinoplasty procedure is considered a very popular procedure that must be done by a board certified plastic surgeon. Obviously, we recommend our world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Guyuron to be your first choice as he has been internationally recognized as a top facial plastic surgery doctors. It’s important to have a credible doctor with any plastic surgery, but when it comes to aesthetic plastic surgery, the results of reconstructive surgery like these are recognizable to others in your daily life.

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Top Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeons in America

The Rhinoplasty Consultation

The rhinoplasty consultation is the prime opportunity for Dr. Guyuron to meet with potential patients, evaluate them as candidates and explain the surgery in greater detail.

The first step of the consultation is to determine the patient’s reason for wanting nose surgery. There are many reasons why plastic surgery patients want a nose job. Rhinoplasty (AKA nose job) candidates typically look to improve:

  • Oversized nose
  • Wide nose
  • Asymmetrical, crooked or off-center nose
  • Nose that is not proportionate to the rest of the face
  • Bulbous, drooping or upturned tip
  • Large or flared nostrils
  • Residual flows from the previous surgery
  • Short noses
  • Deviated septum

To ensure that Dr. Guyuron and the patient have a mutual understanding of the outcome of the surgery, Dr. Guyuron and his photographer analyze the life-sized photographs or morph them to demonstrate the intended changes.

In addition to establishing the reason for rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Guyuron will also inquire about the candidate’s general health and medical history. There is no exact age requirement for rhinoplasty candidates, and Dr. Guyuron does work with teenage patients.

Please note: If you are an out-of-town patient, Dr. Guyuron offers phone, FaceTime and Skype consultations. He has worked with patients from many countries seeking gratifying results. Please contact our office to inquire about these options.

Ideal Rhinoplasty Outcome

The ideal rhinoplasty outcome is one that looks natural and fits the patient’s face. A good surgeon will take into account the patient’s facial features and proportions to create a result that is balanced and pleasing. The nose should be in harmony with the rest of the face, and should not stand out as being artificial or “operated on.” In addition, the nose should function well, allowing the patient to breathe easily and without restrictions. When considering rhinoplasty, it is important to consult with a surgeon who you feel confident can provide you with the results you are looking for. Be sure to ask to see before and after photos of previous patients, so that you can get an idea of the surgeon’s skill level. With the right surgeon

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Guyuron’s state-of-the-art medical facility. Dr. Guyuron will take an open or closed approach to rhinoplasty. During open rhinoplasty, he makes an incision across the small strip of skin separating the nostrils. During closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Guyuron keeps the incisions within the nostrils. Open rhinoplasty does have the potential to leave minor scarring, but it allows better access to the underlying structures.

Through the incision, Dr. Guyuron can remove and reshape cartilage, smooth out any bumps, refine the nasal tip, narrow the nose, straighten a deviated septum and/or make other modifications to the nasal structure as indicated by the treatment plan.

Surgery generally takes one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. After the procedure, patients rest in a recovery suite and then are released to go home, to a condominium adjacent the office facility, or a hotel room.

To watch Dr. Guyuron perform live rhinoplasty surgery, Click Here

Rhinoplasty Recovery

The eyelids and the nose could be bruised, sore and swollen for several days after nose surgery. Patients need to sleep with their heads elevated and get as much rest and relaxation as possible to minimize the risk of complications. Dr. Guyuron recommends his patients take eight to 10 days off from work, but this depends on the case. He prescribes pain medication to soothe any discomfort, and he schedules follow-up appointments to check the healing progress the day after surgery and in eight days, when the bandages and internal nose tubes are removed.

Rhinoplasty recovery is very gradual. It can take up to a year or longer for swelling to fully resolve and the final results to appear. However, patients often notice and enjoy their new appearance within weeks of surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

The goal of revision rhinoplasty surgery is a natural-looking, fully functional nose that fits the patient’s face. Rhinoplasties are very difficult, even in primary cases, and therefore require excellent analysis and planning. Dr. Guyuron is the Cleveland area’s top revision rhinoplasty surgeon. It goes without saying, by going with one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in America, you can expect great results. Many patients are referred to him from peer plastic surgeons. To learn more, click here.

Revision rhinoplasty is a very delicate and difficult type of surgery. This is a challenging surgery, even in cases where it is the primary procedure. To achieve the best results, revision rhinoplasty requires excellent analysis and planning. The surgeon must have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the nose and the surrounding facial structure. They must also be skilled in performing complex surgical techniques. revision rhinoplasty is a demanding surgery, but when it is performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon, it can produce outstanding results.

Rhinoplasty Results

Before-And-After Rhinoplasty Surgery Results

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed to correct the appearance of the nose in patients of ethnic background. The goal of this type of plastic surgery is to create a nose that looks natural and compliments the rest of the patient’s facial features. This particular type of rhinoplasty surgeryis different from traditional rhinoplasty in that it takes into account the unique shape and structure of the nose in patients of ethnic background. Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is generally safe and effective, and can result in a significant improvement in the appearance of the nose. If you are considering ethnic rhinoplasty, it is important to consult with a qualified surgeon who has experience performing this type of surgery or any other type of reconstructive surgery.