The decision to have surgery is never easy, no matter what kind of surgery you need. For Sandy Brockman, having surgery for migraines was nothing short of life changing.

Sandy had migraine surgery in 2004, after 20 years of suffering from migraines.
This is her story.

“My migraines started after I had my second son at age 29.  I would have migraines one day a week. I would become so sick and retreat to a dark room for hours.  It would last all day – 6 am to 6 pm. I would have terrible nausea and severe pain in my left temple down to the front of my ear and behind my eye.  I almost felt like I wanted to pull my eye out. I would lay down on a pillow with my fist under my eye to put pressure on it.

Nobody understood, not even my neurologist. Everyone thought I was just having bad headaches.  I tried antidepressants and heart meds, but found no relief.  Imitrex was a life saver in ‘92 or ‘93.  Then I saw on the news about Ted Henry’s wife having Botox injections for migraines.  I tried that, too.  Eventually, I found the American Migraine Center. The people there believed that I had migraines. Dr. Guyuron did imaging and x-rays and told me about migraine surgery.

I had the surgery, and right away it was better.  He separated the nerves on the side of my head and removed the corrugator muscle.  Within a couple of weeks, I had no migraines.  Since the surgery, I have only had one migraine, and it was mild.  If I do get a headache, I take a couple Tylenol and lay down; it does not affect my life like it did before.

It was a wonderful experience, and a real life-saver. The results far exceeded my expectations.  The people at the American Migraine Center are kind, compassionate, and understanding. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Guyuron.

If migraines are ruining your life, then what do you have to lose?  The surgery was worth every penny.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron pioneered migraine surgery in 1999.  Nearly 20 years and 40 clinical studies later, migraine surgery is still relatively new in the medical field.  Many people do not know that a surgical treatment for migraines is available.  Sandy hopes that by sharing her testimony, more migraine sufferers can find lasting relief like she did.