Best Plastic Surgeon in Cleveland

Dr. Bahman Guyuron

Plastic surgery can improve a number of conditions, from enhancing and reshaping physical features to restoring the smoothness and tightness of the skin to correcting breathing difficulties. Even minor changes can have dramatic impact in the lives of plastic surgery patients.

As an internationally recognized teacher and innovator in the field of plastic surgery especially facial surgery, Dr. Guyuron has dedicated his practice to the following surgical procedures:

Dr. Guyuron has spent over 30 years honing his expertise every day, with every surgery and every patient. In addition, Dr. Guyuron and his staff have refined their patient treatment process to make the surgery and recovery as comfortable as possible for the patient.



Our Patient Care

Our staff has one rule: “Treat everyone with compassion, just the way you’d want to be treated.” This is our first guiding principle for patient care. To that end, we have streamlined the process by taking advantage of current technologies to ensure that the process of consultation, surgery, recovery, and follow-up care are as easy as possible.

Consultation – Our consultation process has been perfected with patients from all over the globe.

  • Patient forms are filled out in advance.
  • Personal consultations are done in person, on the phone, FaceTime or through Skype.
  • Problems are discussed and concerns are resolved well in advance of your surgery.

Surgery – When the time comes for a plastic surgery procedure in Cleveland, our patients receive the best care from our knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate staff.

  • Out of state and international patients arrive the day before surgery for a pre-surgical exam to confirm our plans.
  • The next day, the surgery will be performed in our modern, state-of-the art medical facility with custom surgical suites.

Recovery – A smooth recovery is a crucial part of your overall care, the patients can count on our skilled team to do everything they can to make the recovery process as seamless as possible.

  • For almost all procedures, patients are released to go home, to a nearby condominium facility or to a hotel after a short recovery in the surgery facility.
  • We offer a number of helpful options for out-of-town patients, including private accommodations, local transportation, and private nursing care.