Women are far more interested in plastic surgery than men, but more and more men are exploring their options for cosmetic improvements.  Men account for at least 10% of plastic surgery patients, possibly more. Men tend to be most interested in facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), and ear surgery. Just like women, men want to look their best and age gracefully.


Facelifts are becoming more common among men to look younger or preserve their existing youthful appearance for job competitiveness or to display more energy as corporate leader. A facelift can be performed at any age, but the ideal age may surprise you – in late 30s or 40s. This is when the first signs of aging become noticeable for men. However, this does not mean that facelift at a later age is not gratifying.

A facelift tightens loose skin in the mid and lower face including the neck.  Additional procedures can be added to a male facelift to enhance the outcome such is fat injection, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and forehead rejuvenation.  Nose surgery alone can make most patients 5 years younger on average. The facelift can make a man (or woman) look 7-15 years younger.

The results are permanent, so anyone who undergoes surgery will always look 7-15 years younger after a facelift, depending on what is done.  However, surgery does not stop the gravity effect unless skin care, laser resurfacing, and fat injection are continued.

There are some differences between female and male plastic surgery. For men, the thickness of the skin and beard growth must be considered when planning procedures.  Dr. Bahman Guyuron has 37 years of experience performing male facial plastic surgery.


Nose surgery is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed on men. Most patients consider this surgery as a teenager but it can be done at any age after 14.


Since men cannot always cover their prominent ears with hair as females can, surgery to fix protruding ears has become more conducive for boys and men. It is usually a short, outpatient procedure.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron is a world-wide expert in plastic surgery of face and neck including surgical treatment of migraine headaches, a field that he has single handedly developed.  For more information about facelifts for men or Botox for men and to schedule a private consultation, contact Zeeba Clinic at 440-461-7999.