Nearly 20 years ago, internationally-renowned Cleveland plastic surgeon Dr. Bahman Guyuron discovered a connection between patients who had a forehead lift and unanticipated migraine relief. In response to his groundbreaking discovery, Dr. Guyuron successfully developed a targeted surgical technique that eradicates migraines by removing the muscles, vessels or irritation points that are known to trigger the condition.

The Process of Discovery

Since the year 2000, Dr. Guyuron has worked in collaboration with a team of neurologists to identify nerves that trigger migraines in other areas of the head Among his findings, Dr. Guyuron discovered that removing a small blood vessel or muscle around branches of the trigeminal nerve, a vital nerve that provides feeling to the face, can relieve migraines in the temple, forehead, and back of the head.  In addition, a procedure involving the septum and turbinates, the small structures inside the nose that direct air flow through the nostrils, can help to eliminate behind-the-eye, seasonal, or sinus-related migraines.

In addition to nerve inflammation, there is evidence of a genetic component to migraines. This has been the focus of Dr. Guyuron’s latest research.

What to Expect if You have Migraine Surgery

The migraine surgery technique Dr. Guyuron developed is minimally invasive and highly effective. After pinpointing the trigger site for a migraine, Dr. Guyuron removes the affected nerve through an incision. The incisions are small and typically heal quickly, leaving minimal or no scarring. Patients can usually return to work and normal activities the day following surgery. Some procedures are slightly more involved but all are performed on an outpatient basis.

Ninety percent of patients who suffered with migraines before the surgery report at least a 50% reduction in headaches, and roughly half of these experience complete elimination of the headaches. The revolutionary surgical technique has transformed the lives of many patients. “Before my first surgery with Dr. Guyuron, my migraines were 100% debilitating for me,” said Cathy Periandri, a 30-year-old patient. “Dr. Guyuron saved my life. He is an exceptional doctor and surgeon.”

About Dr. Guyuron

Dr. Guyuron derives great satisfaction from helping patients with migraine headaches regain control of their lives and is dedicated to enhancing the care they receive.  “We strive continuously to do the best work for our patients – to improve outcomes, to simplify our surgical techniques and to reduce recovery times.”

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