In 1999, when two brow lift patients two weeks apart mentioned to Dr. Guyuron that their migraine headaches had disappeared, it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Intrigued, he reached out to over 300 of his past patients and found even more people who had experienced the same unexpected benefit. Of those patients, 39 had migraine headaches before surgery and 31 experienced complete elimination or significant improvement of their headaches after surgery.

This remarkable discovery was the genesis of Dr. Guyuron’s clinical research, which continues to transform the lives of thousands of people.

Dr. Guyuron shares his journey through two decades of constant discovery, innovation, and caring for patients, many of whom had tried everything and believed there was nothing that would end their migraines.

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HEAD ON is the podcast for anyone with an aesthetic or functional concern either inside or outside of their head, encompassing the universe of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the head, face, eyes, neck, and nose.

Hosted by Dr. Bahman Guyuron, the pioneer of a life-changing surgical technique for permanently eliminating migraines and a specialist in plastic surgery of the face, head, and neck.

In an era of ineffective gimmicks, conflicting medical opinions, and unrelenting pharmaceutical influence, this podcast helps more people find permanent solutions and face the world head on with confidence.

This podcast is friendly to migraine-sufferers. HEAD ON is thoughtfully produced to avoid triggers for migraine sufferers and each episode is available to the audience in three formats: audio, video with captions, and written transcript.

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