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Dr. Guyuron weighs in on the question many ask ourselves — when is the right time for facial rejuvenation? Watch for his guidance on timing!

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Often the patients wonder when is the right time for a facial rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation has a variety of aspects to it that start from the use of skin care products and other modality non-invasive modalities such as radiofrequency or profractional laser. But this surgical part is something that obviously, it will be started when physically the patient is ready to have surgery that means there are enough gravity changes on the face to make an operation worthwhile.


Many patients considering migraine surgery wonder, “What if I have a migraine on the day of my planned surgery?” Dr. Guyuron shares the good news for this common concern. Watch now:

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One of the most common questions that the patients ask us is whether they are going to need migraine medications after migraine surgery. The reality is that if the surgery is going to work, not only they should not need any pain medications or migraine medications, but also they will be able to do the things that they used to avoid because it would trigger their migraine headaches such as drinking wine or consumption of some food products and also on rare occasions that surgery does not take the migraine headaches away completely, the medications actually work faster, they are more effective.


Dr. Guyuron answers a common migraine surgery question — will I still need my migraine medicine after the procedure? Watch this 60 Seconds with Dr. Guyuron to learn more!

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Some migraine surgery candidates wonder if they would still be able to undergo migraine surgery if they
have migraine headaches on the day of surgery. The answer is yes. Actually, most migraine patients
have daily migraine headaches. They’re not going to be able to stop that. So it is okay to undergo
migraine surgery if you have migraine headaches on the day of surgery.


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