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Plastic Surgery Testimonials

Read below to learn how Dr. Bahman Guyuron has changed the lives of his patients.

    These are actual testimonials from real patients. Their results will vary among other patients and are not guaranteed.    


    My nose was in disastrous shape after 4 failed rhinoplasties followed by a car accident where my face and nose smashed into the steering wheel. I could barely breathe and it was wide, crooked with massive rim retraction and just looked awful.

    Dr. G isn't the talkative type but he knows his business as far as noses go. I had one surgery where he fixed the asymmetry, narrowed it and fixed the terrible nostrils and after that I opted for a lengthening of the Columella.

    My nose today isn't perfect but it is a Million times better then the nose I was born with and the nose I came in with. I will forever be thankful to Dr. G for taking care of something I was told was impossible to fix.

    I can also add that you need to be VERY patient when recovering from a revision rhino. It took almost 2 years for my nose to settle completely.

    Chardonnaylane from Real Self

    I have enjoyed my entire experience with the doctor and staff.

    from Vitals

    Just amazing. Can't say enough or thank the staff.

    from UCompareHealthCare

    Dr. Guyuron and his staff are so caring, compassionate and professional, I would be very comfortable referring them to anyone. The level of care I received was of the highest level. They go above and beyond expectations in the personal care which they give.


    The staff was amazing. Very helpful all the way through my process. Dr. Guyuron is the MAN. He wants to help people feel better, and won't stop until he does. I had the greatest, easiest, fun time with everyone at your office. I can't thank you enough, Dr. Guyuron. You are the only doctor who wanted to make sure to help me be RID of my MIGRAINES!!! I can start living and enjoying my life! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    from UCompareHealthCare

    Dr. Guyuron's persistence and confidence combined with his perfectionism and deep concern for my well-being have restored my quality of life in a way that I never dreamed possible. He never gave up on me in identifying and surgically correcting several migraine trigger sites. In the two years since my first procedure and one year since my last surgery, my daily migraines have been eliminated completely. The healing has taken place over time, to where I no longer take any prescription or over the counter medications for migraine treatment. I hoped and prayed a cure was possible and Dr. Guyuron made it possible. He is a saint on earth.

    from Google

    I suffered, but I have a whole new patch of life now without that. It's the best.

    Barry Burns, Brecksville Resident

    I've had [migraines] for 20 years — half of my life. I've wasted my whole young adult life with migraines. It is like being reborn. It has been 15 months since my surgery and have had no migraines — zero.

    Jack Erickson, News Channel 5

    The pain would sometimes make me cry... basically I would tell you I've had zero migraines [since the surgery]. You realize there is a freedom that I have never had in my life, and you go, 'This is life altering!'

    Kathy Cramer, CNN Anderson Cooper 360

    I had the migraine syndrome for 20 years and it did own my life. It was depressing, it was debilitating, it was somewhat of a nightmare really... [Theresa had the procedure five years ago.] I feel absolutely that it was a gift and it gave me my life back.

    Teresa Schenk, Good Morning America

    I'm feeling great. Since the surgery, my life is back to normal, I can make plans. I went from 15 days a month of migraine pains to zero.

    Stacy, The Doctors TV show

    I lost 18 years, nine months and 11 days of my life to migraines. I had my surgery in September. Dr. Guyuron gave me back my life. I walked in the Florida sun last Saturday for the first time in 18 years without pain. There are no words to express my gratitude to the staff and Dr. Guyuron. I moved back home to Florida to take care of my mother who has cancer. Without the surgery I could not have done this. Thank you all, and God bless you.

    Janice Ketchledge

    Excellent doctor! I got migraine surgery from Dr. Guyuron. He also corrected my deviated septum. I can breath perfectly now! He is an amazing surgeon, I highly recommend him.


    This is the best experience I have had with a doctor. Very attentive and concerned about my progress and in helping me have a better quality of life.


    I've posted five stars on RealSelf and Google because I'm so happy I met you, Dr. Guyuron. I can breathe perfectly now through my nose! The migraines are 60 percent decreased in severity and duration already, and it's only been 13 weeks since the last surgery. And thank you so much for organizing the Norco Rx with Warren to help with the pain on bad days. God bless you.

    Steve from Ireland

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