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FAQs: Preparing for plastic surgery

Aug 14, 2017, 12:00 PM by Valerie Clark

For your convenience, answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQs) about plastic surgery are listed below.  If you have specific questions that are not answered here, please feel free to call the office and talk to a nurse who can help.

Where is the surgery performed?

The surgery is performed as an outpatient in a fully credentialed facility adjacent to Dr. Guyuron’s office in Lyndhurst.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Most of the procedures are done under general anesthesia, and usually, the patient spends half a day in the facility.

What kind of postoperative care is needed?

Postoperative care depends on the type of procedure and severity of the case.  Dr. Guyuron and his office will speak to you about your specific care and provide detailed postoperative instructions.

What kind of tests are required pre-surgery?

Presurgical testing is based on one’s current health condition, age, type of surgery, and anesthesia. Dr. Guyuron will go over the required testing with you.

Am I able to drive home after surgery?

You will not be able to drive yourself home or take a cab after your surgery if you have general anesthesia. You need to be accompanied by a responsible adult who is willing to care for you.

When can I resume my normal activity and routine, including exercise?

Depending on the type of surgery, you can resume your normal activities and exercise routine 3 weeks after surgery.

Are there any medicines I should avoid prior to surgery? What about after surgery?

It is important to avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen products 3 weeks before and 1 week after surgery. They can thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding and bruising related to your surgery.

How long will I be in pain?

Most cosmetic surgeries produce minimal pain. Since pain is tolerated differently by everyone, the intensity and duration of discomfort after surgery varies.

How long will it take to see what I will look like?

When you will see results depends on the procedure you had done. For example, eyelids heal within a few weeks. It can take up to 1 year to see final rhinoplasty results.

How do I know if I am healing properly?

You will be closely monitored by Dr. Guyuron and his nursing staff to make sure you are healing properly. Dr. Guyuron’s staff encourages their patients to contact the office if there are ever any questions or concerns.

When can I use make up, lotions, hair and other beauty products?

This depends on the type of surgery. Most patients can use these products 1 week after surgery.

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

We do not offer these through our office, but we are able to put you in contact with companies that can help you finance your procedures.

Will insurance cover any of my medical, anesthesia, or operating room costs?

Dr. Guyuron is not in network with any insurance companies, but there are instances where your insurance company may pay out-of-network benefits. Our financial counselor will be able to assist you in obtaining this information from your insurance company.

What happens to the pictures you took?

The pictures taken are kept in your chart. If permission is granted by the patient, photographs may be used in Dr. Guyuron’s lectures or scientific journals.

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