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Facial Cosmetic Surgery Myths Dispelled

Apr 20, 2017, 17:38 PM by Valerie Clark
Although the internet can be a valuable tool for researching procedures and experiences about facial rejuvenation surgeries, it can also promote unjustified myths. Expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Bahman Guyuron (Cleveland, Ohio) addresses the most common myths about facial cosmetic surgery below. 

Myth: The results of facial rejuvenation are temporary. 

Fact: A facelift will erase 7-15 years of aging, and the results are immediately noticeable and permanent.  As time passes and aging takes its toll on your skin. However, an identical twin who has had a facelift will always look 7-15 years younger than twin who has not. 

Myth: You need to be ‘old’ to have facial rejuvenation

Fact:  The best age to have facial plastic surgery is between 35 and 45. 

By starting earlier, you have more time to enjoy the outcome of the investment. Additionally, the younger you are, the healthier you are which makes you a less risky candidate for surgery. Likewise, younger skin is more elastic, making the results of surgery that much more natural and gratifying. However, rejuvenation at a later age is also gratifying. 

Myth: Cosmetic surgery will speed up aging 

Fact: Patients who undergo surgery may benefit from a thin layer of scar tissue that forms deep under the skin, which means less sagging and more elasticity. 

In addition, many procedures include transferring fat from other areas to the face to restore volume in the cheeks or under the eyes. Since fat contains stem cells, this process slows down aging. The skin will reflect a noticeably younger and healthier glow for years to come.  

Myth: Cosmetic surgery is painful 

Fact: Most cosmetic surgery procedures result in temporary numbness. Mild to moderate discomfort can last for 2-3 days. Severe pain is unusual and should be evaluated without delay. 

Do you have questions about facial rejuvenation or other cosmetic procedures?  Ask Dr. Guyuron.  

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